Women and Service in the Kingdom: a Sharing Time or family night lesson for girls AND boys

(Hint: this might make a good 5th Sunday lesson!)

“How come boys get to do all the fun stuff?” asked a girl after a Sharing Time lesson about the priesthood. I replied, “Boys and men get to do the priesthood stuff, but that’s not the same as the fun stuff! Girls get to do lots of fun stuff!”

Rebecca, today’s guest author, received similar questions from children in her ward. Rebecca gave this Sharing Time lesson on a 5th Sunday in her ward to let girls AND boys know about the valuable role of women in the church. Without trying to answer unanswerable questions like “why is the priesthood reserved for men,” Rebecca’s lesson simply points children to some of the strong women leaders current and past, and teaches children the three purposes of Relief Society (can you name them?). It was a powerful lesson, simply presented in an engaging way, giving girls and boys a greater understanding of God’s love for his daughters and sons, and God’s need for all His children to serve in the kingdom.

Women PR lesson 1Women PR lesson 3

Dowload the 1) lesson outline, 2) current women leaders, and 3) pictures to illustrate the history and purpose of Relief Society. The photos you see are of the jigsaw puzzle (particularly good for Junior Primary) and matching game (particularly good for Senior Primary).

thank you, Rebecca!


Related idea: Girls AND boys in the Bible

This lesson is one of the chapters in the book “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids,” the book that was born on this blog! Read about how the book came to be here.



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16 responses to “Women and Service in the Kingdom: a Sharing Time or family night lesson for girls AND boys

  1. What a fabulous idea! I am so excited to use this lesson plan. I had trouble opening the documents though. In Chrome or Firefox, I can open and view everything just fine, but could never get it to work in Explorer. Just as an FYI if others experience the same problem.

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  9. This is a fantastic idea! So empowering for our little girls who feel left out of the priesthood class!

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