“The Priesthood and Me” – two ready-to-use Sharing Time lesson plans


September 2018 – bring on that 5th Sunday! How to use it to best meet the needs of YOUR Primary children? Here’s one idea:

President Dallin H. Oaks rocked my world when he said, “We are not accustomed to speaking of women having the authority of the priesthood in their Church callings, but what other authority can it be?” (April 2014)

Learning this essential principle helps girls AND boys understand priesthood power. Here are two ready-to-use Sharing Time lesson plans with a different spin on the topic:

I was thrilled to see this same idea in the April 2018 Friend magazine: “The Priesthood and Me,” about a girl wondering the same thing, and learning of Pres. Oaks’ thrilling quote, and “What’s on Your Mind?” asking “is the priesthood just for men and boys?

The Ensign that same month reminds us, “To avoid confusion, be sure to use the word priesthood to refer to priesthood power, not to those who hold it” (page 72).

Here are more ideas for 5th Sundays: 5th Sunday favorite ideas

Enjoy this bonus Sunday!




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2 responses to ““The Priesthood and Me” – two ready-to-use Sharing Time lesson plans

  1. Thank you for this, Marci! My 8-year-old daughter was just asking me about why girls don’t have the priesthood (she has asked before but is obviously still thinking about it) and these resources came at just the right time for me. Thanks!

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