Handouts and posters for “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids”

SundayLessons_Front_RGBYour favorite Primary in Zion blog posts, plus new voices from other authors, in a volume you can take with you! “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids” is now available on Amazon.com, DeseretBook.com, or wherever LDS books are sold. Read how the book came about here.

Here are downloadable files of the handouts and posters in the book, suitable for printing or customizing.

Figure 1: Articles of Faith in Pictures – page 22 in the book

Figure 2: Five Steps of Personal Prayer – page 26 in the book

Figure 3: Temple Necklace – page 38 in the book

Figure 4: Father’s Day Handout – page 66 in the book

Figure 5: Class Rules – page 81 in the book. This is the class rules chart as a single document. You can print this out on 8 1/2 x 11 as a handout or send it to a copy shop to  print poster size.

Or if you prefer, here is the chart as 6 different documents. Print these out and tape them together for a large poster.

Figure 6: Ten Ways to Review Class Rules – page 82 in the book. This document plus the one-page class rules poster above makes a terrific doublesided handout for teachers.

Figure 7: Children Giving Talks: A Blueprint for Secretaries and Families– page 95 in the book

Figure 8: Primary Sacrament Meeting invitation side 1 aqua – page 102 in the book 

Figure 9: Primary Sacrament Meeting Invitation, side 2 – page 103 in the book

Illustrations by Emiliano Leon of EmilianoLeon.com.


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