Look for Primary leaders! and other General Conference ideas

photo from lds.org

photo from lds.org

One of our favorite guest authors, Primary president Jen H., posted this picture of the Primary General Presidency in her ward, to teach the children about their worldwide leaders. You can ask the children to watch for these leaders at General Conference, including the General Women’s Meeting! “There’s a Primary leader!” You might want to talk about the history of Primary, which first started over 100 years ago with 215 children. Now there are over a million children in Primary all over the world! Read more here.

In addition to learning about Primary itself, children might like to learn about Relief Society and Young Women: their history and purpose, and their strong, faithful women leaders, past and present. See the lesson plan with downloadable visuals at “Women and Service in the Kingdom: A Sharing Time or family night lesson for girls AND boys.”

For more family preparation for General Conference, see this great interactive activity for kids to do during conference: “General Conference Chart: Prophets, Apostles & Velcro OH MY!



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