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Video Workshop: Teaching Kids to Feel Empathy for All God’s Children Through Service

Primary leaders: feel free to share this post with parents, or adapt these ideas for use in Primary. 

So often we hear a lesson about service and immediately feel guilty for what we aren’t doing yet all the while feeling overwhelmed with all the things we are doing.  This post is for you!

How and when do I fit in service to others in my already busy family life?  How do I add one more thing to my already-too-long to-do list, even when I want to fulfill the Savior’s call to “do unto others as you would have done unto you?” (Matthew 7:12) How do I sit through one more lesson on service without feeling guilty?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?  They rolled off my mind with ease since I’ve asked them myself more times than I’d like to admit.  When Marci and I were asked to present a workshop on the topic, “Teaching Kids to Feel Empathy for All God’s Children Through Service,” at first we were stumped. The one thing we were sure of was that we would only teach something that would be attainable for your typical busy and overwhelmed woman.  I have felt too much guilt over the years because I just can’t see how to add one more good thing to my day where I already can’t get half of the things done that I need to and want to.  Rather than be another one of those good things that you wished you could accomplish, we hoped to offer realistic strategies and resources that you could implement in your family and community immediately.

Creating a culture of service in our families: that is the goal.  We think we’ve come up with some ideas, resources and strategies to do that and not add to your already-too-long to-do list.  So, after two months of prayer, brainstorming and study this is what we came up with.  We were surprised when the Lord guided us in unexpected directions and led us to go deeper.  So much of what we share in this workshop came from above.  We hope you feel inspired too.  We’d love your feedback.  We’d love to hear about your application of these principles, ideas, and strategies.  If you like what you see please share it!  This video workshop is a live presentation from May of 2015 with 150 women in attendance.

These are the documents we reference during the workshop:

Download and print and get ready to begin your plan for “Creating a Culture of Service” in your family in as few as zero minutes! (You read that right – creating a culture of service in no time at all. It IS possible!Watch and see what we mean.)




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Video: Royal Singer–a memorable activity for Singing time!

When I teach Singing Time in Primary one of my favorite activities is what I call “Royal Singer”.  All it takes is a simple robe or cape, a crown and some eager children and you’ve got a recipe for a memorable day in Primary!  In the video below I demonstrate how “Royal Singer” works with a child volunteer (and we sing I Love to See the Temple  together while I do some simple sign language).

Watch on YouTube: “Royal Singer”–Activity for Primary Music Time

For more great ideas, see “Making Music Time Fun and Interactive.”


Find this story and other great ideas in the book “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids.” Read more here.


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Video: 10 Quick Ways to Review Classroom Rules in Primary

Two of our most popular posts are Classroom management: a few easy rules in kid language and Mastering Classroom Rules: Repetition without Boredom.  We’re delighted that teachers and leaders worldwide are finding these ideas useful in channeling kids’ behavior, so that the Spirit can be present.  In these posts I suggest five simple rules that can be used in the classroom as well as Sharing Time and Singing Time.

In the video below I act out ten fun ways to review the classroom rules, with Michelle as “director.” Remember that reviewing the rules is not the lesson itself; it should be very brief at the start of each class so you can get into the lesson.

Watch on YouTube: 10 Ways to Review Classroom Rules in Primary

It’s amazing what 5 basic classroom rules can cover!  Take just a quick 30 seconds each week before you begin teaching your Primary class to review the rules so they are fresh in everyone’s mind.  Repetition without boredom!


SundayLessons_Front_RGBThis idea appears in “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids,” with downloadable posters here.


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