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Summer visitors made easy!

With summer in full swing, you may be receiving an influx of visiting children. Here’s a few ideas on how to seamlessly enfold them into your Primary:

Welcome, visitors!



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Welcoming Visitors to Primary

My family and I recently returned from a trip to Palmyra, New York to enjoy the Church History sites!  We had a wonderful time and although this was not our first visit to Palmyra, it was the first time that we were visiting on a Sunday and had the chance to attend church services there.  Their Stake Center is located directly across the street from the Palmyra temple and the building is beautiful!  We walked to church from our hotel and entered the rear entrance and the first thing I noticed was a large whiteboard with the words “Welcome to the Palmyra Ward Primary”.  Without even trying I already knew where the Primary room was so I knew I wouldn’t have to try and track it down after Sacrament meeting. Bonus!

Welcome Whiteboard

When it was finally time to go to Primary I confidently led my kiddos to the Primary room and was able to inspect this “welcome whiteboard” even closer.  Upon closer inspection I realized that they had the forethought to include a Primary schedule for Junior and Senior Primary, as well as a map of the building with classroom assignments so you would know exactly where to pick up your child at the end of Primary.  Building Map with Class Assignments

This was genius!  I didn’t have to try and figure out who the Primary Presidency was and ask them a bunch of questions during an already busy time for them. I really just needed to help my children feel comfortable in an unfamiliar ward with new faces.  These simple details made me feel at ease and appreciative for the effort they made to make me and other visitors feel welcome!  This ward probably has many visitors every week of the year and so this makes sense for them.  But in thinking about it more, I came to the conclusion that every ward could benefit from something like this for a variety of different reasons: Visitors, investigators, less-active members, new move-ins (or how about for Stake Primary Presidency members who bring their children with them to ward conferences all over the stake and have no idea where anything is?  That sounds like a great reason to me!).



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