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2016 Primary Sacrament Meeting Program: Invitations, program covers and more! by Tami Ray by Tami Ray

Back by popular demand, the 2016 Primary Program Invitation is here! Thanks to Laura H. for putting this together, and special shout out to Tami Ray and her blog for the beautiful artwork!

Primary Program Invite 2016 (customize & print back to back, 4 invites to a page)

Matching printed program cover: Primary Printed Program 2016

Try printing out enough copies of the invitation for the Primary children and missionaries to distribute. Check out  “Children inviting neighbors, coaches and schoolteachers to Primary sacrament meeting program” about the wonderful missionary tool it can be (including a baptism that started with an invitation just like this!).

One year, my ward set up a small reception of cookies and drinks after the program to celebrate the Primary children’s hard work, and so that visitors feel welcome and have a chance to chat comfortably and ask questions. This gave visitors a chance to casually stick around and congratulate the child that they came to see, and not feel like they were obligated to go to class after, or make a hasty exit. They could stay longer and talk with others in a relaxed setting. The missionaries also joined the reception so they could talk with the investigators they brought, as well as meet other visitors who attended the program. Then everyone attended third hour classes as usual, and some hardy investigators stuck around.

If you’re planning your presentation outline, see Kim’s easy-to-follow way of putting it together at “Primary Sacrament Meeting Program outline – click, print and go!” Kim assigned each class one of the monthly themes, then interviewing each child by pulling them out of singing time to get a quote to go with the theme. The outline comes together really easily in the kids’ words that way.

Also see “Inviting Audience Comments – Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation

-Laura S.


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Sacrament meeting program cover to match the invitations!

Front of Invitation, page 1

Front of Invitation, page 1

Eagle-eyed blog reader Pam loved the Primary sacrament meeting program invitations that Laura H. created (see the invitations here).

Pam asked for a matching program cover. Here it is!

Primary Program 2015 as a pdf file

Primary Program 2015 ready to edit as a Word file

We’re thrilled that folks are finding this blog useful and sending encore requests! and we’re always looking for guest authors as well. Guest author guidelines here.


Here’s more good ideas for making the most of your Primary Program:

Children inviting neighbors, coaches and schoolteachers to Primary Sacrament Meeting Program and

Inviting Audience Comments–Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation

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I Know My Savior Lives–2015 Primary Program Invitations

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: this year’s Primary Sacrament Meeting Program invitation.  In years past this has been a popular resource for so many of our readers.  This year we got wiser and started seeking out some good ideas early.  Thanks go to our guest contributor Laura H. who willingly designed and created this fantastic invitation early enough for us to share it with you.

Front of Invitation, page 1

Front of Invitation, page 1

Customize the second page of the invitation by downloading the Word document below and editing the details for your ward’s date, time, and place.

Primary Program Invitation 2015 Final, Page 2 JPEG

Invitation back, page 2

Download and customize this invitation: Primary Program Invitation Word Doc

Once you print both pages simply make double sided copies, cut and distribute to friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, and family members.

Here’s some more good ideas for making the most of your Primary Program: Children inviting neighbors, coaches and schoolteachers to Primary Sacrament Meeting Program and Inviting Audience Comments–Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation

~Michelle, with guest contributor Laura H.


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Primary in Zion becomes a book! “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids”

SundayLessons_Front_RGBIt started with you, our readers. We began this blog and watched in astonishment as it spread all over the world. We dreamed of turning the best posts and other ideas into a book you can take with you to read on the beach or on your couch, to savor the stories and refer to the ideas and helps again and again. We took your favorite Primary in Zion blog posts, invited new voices from other authors, and put them together in a volume called “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids”.  It is now available on,, or wherever LDS books are sold.

Here’s what it’s about: Children. If you’ve ever wished you could send the entire church class into timeout, then basked in the radiance of a child’s face when the Spirit speaks to her spirit, this book is for you. In these pages are memorable stories of the exuberant joy as well as the real-world challenges of working with children. You’ll also find ready-to-use ideas for channeling boundless energy, teaching about ideal families to children who live in other-than-ideal families, staffing challenges, bullying, children’s music for a lifetime, kids with special needs, building a celestial nursery, pint-sized service projects, and behavior management. And you’ll find some of the best children’s lesson enhancements and activities of all time.

Click here for downloadable files of the figures and handouts in the book.

Here’s what they’re saying about this new book:

“Why didn’t I think of that?!” you ask yourself, then gratefully acknowledge: “Thank goodness Marci McPhee did!” With sensitivity to the needs of all children, and love beyond measure for these precious little ones, McPhee lights the way to joyfully leading our children “home.” —Lori Henderson, co-creator of 


Learning of my son’s disability and being called to teach Primary were both scary events in their own right. I wasn’t sure how to react to either situation. I wish I had found Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids sooner! This book speaks to both men and women about how to fulfill this special calling. —Marc Buchanan, father and Primary worker 


Drawing first-hand examples from thoughtful Latter-day Saints, Marci McPhee has put together a guide that is an engaging, provocative, reassuring, and, importantly, faithful resource for teachers and parents. —Ron Scott, journalist, novelist, and author of “Mitt Romney: An Inside Look at the Man and His Politics” 


This is the most honest, heart-warming collection I have read about teaching children. The tips are practical, real-life, and easily adaptable. This book reminds us of the transforming power of viewing children as the Savior did. It will give new vision to leaders, teachers, and parents. —Gladys Farmer, author, mother, and grandmother with many years of Primary experience

Contributing authors:

Julia B. Blake

Jon Forsyth

Lori Forsyth

Char Lyn Grujoski

Kristine Haglund

Danielle Harrell

Roz Hawk

Michelle Henderson

Jackie Herrera

Tina Huntsman

Jenn Iverson

Whitney Johnson

Caroline Jones

Linda Hoffman Kimball

Rebecca Lewis

Brigitte Madrian

David Madrian

Emily Mangum

Marci McPhee

James McQuivey

Megan McQuivey

Michelle Purrington

Helen Claire Sievers

Laura Stowell

Martha Wingate

With special thanks to anonymous contributors.


A portion of the proceeds will support immigrant mothers and their children at Waltham Family School in Massachusetts.


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2014 Primary Program Invitation (English and Spanish) and Reception Idea

english picScreen Shot 2014-08-23 at 2.18.56 PM

Back by popular demand, the 2014 Primary Program Invite is here. Special shout out to Tami Ray and her blog for providing the beautiful images on the front!

English: Front and Back (customize & print back to back, 4 invites to a page)

Spanish: Front and Back (customize & print back to back, 4 invites to a page)

I would recommend printing out the invite for the Primary children and missionaries to distribute. Check out our previous post here about kids inviting friends and family to the Primary Program and the wonderful missionary tool it can be.

Last year, my ward set up a small reception after the program for those people who came to see the program and to celebrate the Primary children’s hard work. It consisted of cookies and drinks in the Relief Society room after the program. This gave the viewers a chance to casually stick around and congratulate the child that they came to see, and not feel like they were obligated to go to class after. They could stay longer and talk with others in a relaxed setting. The missionaries also joined the reception so they could talk with the investigators they brought, as well as meet other visitors who attended the program. Then everyone attended 3rd hour classes as usual, and some hardy investigators stuck around.

Another variation on this idea is to have everyone in the ward join in on a reception in the cultural hall after the program during 2nd hour.

-Laura S.

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2013 Sacrament Meeting Presentation Invitations!

Guest author Jenn did a wonderful invitation in 2012, and we’ve had many requests for a 2013 version of her eye-catching, warmly inviting invitations for children to give to friends, coaches, teachers, and neighbors to invite them to the Primary sacrament meeting presentation. Here’s a few ideas to choose from for this year’s theme:

Start with the detailed invitation, the who, what, where, when: Child of God Invite (pdf version).

Then choose a cover:

(Invitation #3 is shown below).

i ama  child of god_web,pdfOn behalf of us all, thanks for these wonderful ideas!

  1. Simply Fresh Designs
  2. All Things Bright and Beautiful (Courtney Aitken)
  3. Alexis Merrill Design
FYI: Here’s the customizable version of the generic information: I AM A CHILD OF GOD invite page 2 (Microsoft Word doesn’t always open the same on every computer)

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Inviting Audience Comments – Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation

writing image

Today’s guest author is Emily, a Primary leader who dabbles in photography and loves collecting stationery. She wanted to do something new to involve the whole congregation. Emily had the wonderful idea of inviting comments from the audience after the Primary sacrament meeting presentation. The following was printed in the sacrament meeting program:

As a Primary, we have worked very hard this year to learn, grow and strengthen our testimonies. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to share those testimonies with you today. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and feelings with us about our program today. We will share your comments with the children. There is a bowl on the table in the foyer for you to place your completed cards.
Thank you,
The Primary Presidency

The “comment card” section was printed on the right side of the program, so people just tore off that page to drop it in the bowl.  The Primary President mentioned the “comment card” section of the program before the program started (to get members to think about it) and again in her closing statements before the closing hymn/prayer.

The cards gave the ward family a specific way to support the children, and the words gave the children much-appreciated feedback on their hard work. “A few thoughts we read during Sharing Time that day, but the kids had completely checked out mentally (and no one deserved it more).  We incorporated them into Sharing Time for the next week or so.”

Emily writes, “I loved that the comments were all about feeling the spirit and how proud the congregation was. Not only were they a self-esteem booster for all the kids, but I think our congregation was more aware of how the kids influenced their spirit throughout the program.”
Marci adds: A wonderful scripture to print in the Sunday program to go with the Primary sacrament meeting program is this: “Behold . . . the multitude gathered themselves together, and they both saw and heard these children; yea, even babes did open their mouths and utter marvelous things.” (3 Nephi 26:16)
Other ideas:
* Make invitations for children to give to neighbors, friends, teachers, coaches — read more here.
* Consider holding an open house after sacrament meeting so nonmembers feel welcome and have a chance to chat comfortably and ask questions — read more here.


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fyi – resources for 2013 Sacrament Meeting program: outline and invitations

Planning for the Primary sacrament meeting?

We got a terrific response to Kim’s outline in 2012: Primary Sacrament Meeting Program outline–click, print and go! and Jenn’s invitation:  Children inviting neighbors, coaches, and schoolteachers to Primary Sacrament Meeting Program.

Here’s Jenn’s invitation for 2013, or you might like these related resources from or IdeaDoor.

(BTW – did you see that Jen gave an invitation to a playground mom who ended up being baptized? Read about it here.) Is the Primary sacrament meeting presentation my favorite Sunday of the year?




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Impressions: How My Primary Calling Led to an Unexpected Conversion

Stephanie (left) and Jenn (right) at Stephanie’s baptism

Having served as a ward Primary president for almost three years now, I can attest to the fact that the Lord is involved in the small details of our callings.  It has been humbling to look back and see how many times the Lord has answered my prayers — about names to request for new teachers, how to approach a particular Sharing Time lesson, or how to make a yearly theme penetrate the hearts of our children.  Whether the matter is great or small, it seems that the Lord always cares enough to provide an answer.  The impressions and answers that have come to me as part of my calling have testified to me that our Heavenly Father truly loves each child in my Primary. 

The thing that has surprised me though, is that the answers I have received for my calling have actually been more far-reaching than just the circle of 50 children I influence.  Let me tell you a story about how the “little” answers for “small” details in my Primary calling recently led to the baptism of a new friend.

In planning for our yearly Sacrament Meeting program, each year I have felt impressed to make the program a missionary opportunity for families.  In my opinion, the Primary program is the perfect Sunday for people to invite friends and neighbors to church.  The program is sure to be lively, pure, and beautiful, and visitors are almost guaranteed to feel the Spirit as children sing with all their hearts.  I always like to create a simple invitation for families to pass out to friends and neighbors, letting them know about the program.  And inviting friends to the Primary program is easy — you just let the kids hand over an invitation with an irresistible smile. (See here for a sample invitation and more ideas.)

But this past year, I felt impressed that I should do even more to make our program a missionary opportunity.  I felt like their testimonies about choosing the right would be the perfect venue for teaching others about our beliefs, and especially to show visitors that our children have a strong support network and a specific dialogue for making good choices.  I created invitations and felt the Spirit guide me as I chose the words to put on the invitation.  In addition to this, I felt impressed to have another child I knew — a member of another faith — participate in our Primary program.  I thought it would be nice to have two children narrating our program – one (my neighborhood friend) asking questions about our beliefs, and another (a girl in our Primary) answering the questions.  This set a nice, open tone to our program, and it was also a great opportunity for my neighborhood friend to come and participate in the program and feel a part of our Primary group.  Her family was very impressed with our beliefs, and this sweet girl said she would cherish what she had learned forever.

Going along with this, I was talking with a friend about my desire to make our program a missionary opportunity, and she mentioned a great idea that her ward had thought of.  They realized that when people invite their friends to the Primary program, it can be a little awkward when the program is over.  People have to rush to Sunday School, and often people who might want to linger and visit about the program are ushered into the noisy foyer.  Their idea was to create an open house reception for those families who have brought visitors to the program.  After Sacrament Meeting was over, they invited all visitors (and the families who had invited them) to go to the gymnasium for mingling and refreshments.  They also had some children’s artwork on display.  I thought this was a marvelous idea, and it felt like something that would fit right in with my other impressions about the program.  We got approval from our Bishopric, and with the help of the ward missionaries, we went ahead with planning this open house.

At the same time I was having all of these little impressions about our Primary program, I met Stephanie.  It was a simple meeting.  I was at a local playground with my children, and she was there with her two daughters.  We shared some small talk, and she and I realized we had something in common — we were both young mothers, something that you don’t see very frequently in our area!  We both joked about feeling somewhat alone, living in our community where we don’t exactly fit into the age-group of other parents.  I mentioned that actually, I belong to a church where most of the members are young parents – just like us.  I told her she would fit right in at my church!

At the end of our playground visit, Stephanie and I exchanged phone numbers.  We started getting together a little bit, and I introduced her to a few of my friends from church.  I invited her to a few of our ward’s playgroup activities, and she happily joined in and seemed to enjoy meeting other young moms.  When the time came to invite Stephanie to our Primary program, it was easy.  The invitations were printed, and all I had to do was hand her the slip of paper.  She seemed genuinely interested, and she agreed to come!

The program day was a flurry of excitement on so many levels.  The kids did a fabulous job (of course), and my young neighborhood friend narrated beautifully and was a great addition to the speaking parts.  Many other families in the ward had invited friends and neighbors.  We had over 30 visitors, and the open house reception was an exciting and wonderful way to greet people who had just had their first experience at a Latter-Day Saint sacrament meeting.  Stephanie and her family seemed to enjoy the program, and they mingled with other friends in the gymnasium.  I spoke with them briefly, but I was also caught up with meeting other visitors, congratulating the children, and serving treats we had prepared for our Primary kids.

It wasn’t until that night that I found out that our program had actually made an impact on Stephanie.  She sent me a text message saying that her daughter kept asking, “Mommy, why can’t I be in Primary?” and “Mommy, when can we go back to church?”  Stephanie said her daughter’s comments really caught her off-guard, and then she thought, “Why not?”  This news was exciting to me, since Stephanie and I had only spoken casually about the church, and I didn’t really think she had any interest in it.

Later that week, I talked with Stephanie more about the program, asking what she thought about it.  She immediately started asking questions about the Church — LOTS of questions.  The questions turned into a 3-hour discussion about the Church, basically covering the topics of the first four missionary lessons.  It became apparent that Stephanie was really interested.  She came to Church the next Sunday with her daughter, and they loved it.  One thing led to another; she started meeting with the missionaries; and 4 months after I met her at the playground, Stephanie was baptized.  She is an amazing woman — very full of faith and so grateful to now have the gospel in her life.  She wishes she would have had the gospel in her own youth, so she could have avoided some of the confusion she felt and mistakes she made.  She feels a strong desire to teach it to her girls – to provide them with the gospel and the precious gift of truth she never had.  In essence, she wants her daughters to grow up with Primary – so they might have the same support network and dialogue for making good choices that our Primary children have.

I have been amazed to see how the Lord works.  Yes, he cares about each one of His Primary children.  And yes, he cares about each of His children who didn’t grow up with Primary and who are ready to find out what they’ve been missing all their lives.  I am in awe at how He used the Primary as an opportunity to bring Primary into more people’s lives.  I feel humbled and grateful that He was able to use me as an instrument, and in small and simple ways, with little impressions here and there, make a simple Primary program into a tool that changed someone’s life forever.



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If the Savior Stood Beside Me, Would I Do the Things I Do?

I love this song: If the Savior Stood Beside Me.  The song poses some perfect questions for all of us.

Jesus loves the children

“If the Savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do?”

“Would I think of his commandments and try harder to be true?”

“Would my words be true and kind if He were never far away?”

I wish I could always answer these questions with a resounding yes!  Unfortunately, I often come to the end of my day and realize my behavior was less than stellar.  Songs like this help me remember why I want to choose the right.

Well, I’m looking forward to practicing this song throughout the year in Primary.  I love to do basic American Sign Language (ASL) signs {see a video here} to teach this song or use a flip chart of pictures and words*.  Whichever way you do it in your Primary, make sure and sing your heart out!.  Singing Time is such a perfect time for gospel teaching and testimony sharing.  Happy singing!


*This flip chart was downloaded from the blog Primary To Go which has since been terminated.

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