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Lesson from a Laundry Basket!

Today we are sharing a wonderful lesson idea by our guest author Danielle.  One Sunday I peeked into the Nursery room to check on my daughter and I saw her and all the children happily sitting in laundry baskets! I … Continue reading

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5th Sunday Strikes Again!

As you look ahead for the year, watch for those 5th Sundays that give you an extra week to do something special. In 2018, fifth Sundays occur in April (but the first Sunday will be General Conference, so no Primary), … Continue reading

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Pioneer Experience – Frozen Feet and All

Give your children a pioneer experience they’ll never forget. You can do this in Primary or for family night. Today’s guest contributors Emily, Shanda and Ashna brought a picnic cooler full of ice and water to Primary to help teach … Continue reading

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5th Sunday Sharing Time ideas

From time to time a month has a 5th Sunday. But each monthly outline in the Sharing Time manual only has 4 weeks? What to do? Use the time for your favorite lesson or activity on the monthly theme or … Continue reading


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Join the Journey: Children’s Pioneer Trek

Teens all over the church re-enact the 1847 pioneer trek. Youth are trekking in Taichung, Taiwan and across the pampas in Argentina. In fact, the Church News reported that “in recent years the two-wheeled wooden vehicles have made a comeback that likely outsizes their … Continue reading

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