PSA: new book by PrimaryinZion co-founder

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Public Service Announcement (PSA): You know about Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids, the book that was born on this blog (read the backstory here!). You may also know about Marci’s second book, Girls’ Camp: Ideas for Today’s Leaders. Well, her next book has arrived!

Check out Fifty Five Days of Faith: The Remarkable Story of Dick and Marsha Lavin. It’s the story of a multiracial family that joined the church in 1978, just fifty-five days BEFORE the revelation on priesthood was announced. Read more here, including reviews by by Cathy Stokes, Margaret Blair Young, Romane Armand, Paul Furse, Jacqueline Nagy and Marilyn Nelson.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book supports Operation Underground Railroad, which rescues children in 17 countries from sex trafficking.

For related general ideas about teaching children, see



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