Is Anything Getting Through? Proof #3

Sometimes, weary Primary leaders and parents wonder if anything they’re saying is getting through. I’m here to tell you it IS. In an earlier post I wrote about a Bible story I heard when I was age 7, then not again until eleven years later: see Is Anything Getting Through? Proof #1. I also wrote about my children using scripture language in ordinary conversation: see Is Anything Getting Through? Proof #2.

Here’s Proof #3. A friend asked me, “What is your favorite Primary memory?” There are many, but a highlight is when Sarah was in my CTR-7 class. Studying church history, we learned that some people tried to steal the golden plates. “Why were they trying so hard to get the plates away from Joseph Smith?”

Spencer: “Because they wanted to change the words of the translation and try to trick Joseph.”

Me: “That is indeed what happened, but can anyone think of any other reason why some people wanted to get the plates so much that they would try to hurt Joseph?” (No response.)

I pointed to my finger. “See this wedding ring? It cost us about $500, maybe more. Just this little band of gold.”

The children’s eyes widened. Stephanie blurted out, “The gold plates must have been worth millions!”

Me: “Maybe not millions, but certainly a lot of money in a village full of hard-working farmers.”

Sarah, with rapture in her eyes: “And the Book of Mormon is worth more than that!” She said it breathlessly, from her heart, from a true testimony of the worth of God’s word.


I personally have been thinking a lot about what you can’t buy with money. Some things you can’t buy, but are priceless far beyond precious metals, such as happiness, peace of mind, a sense of purpose, a sense of direction, and most importantly. . .







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