50 minute Primary coming – including Singing Time!


What a prophet! I’m thrilled to see what a 50-minute Primary will look like in January 2019. I’m even more thrilled to know that it will include Singing Time, no matter what!

The purpose of this shift to home-centered, church-supported instruction is to “greatly increase faith, spirituality, and deepen conversion to Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,” explained Elder Quentin L. Cook. And nothing does THAT like music! Primary music has staying power, way beyond Sunday, way beyond the Primary years.

I appreciate Elder David A. Bednar’s reminder to not “focus primarily upon the logistical aspects of what has been announced.” [He knows me so well.] “We must not allow procedural details to obscure the overarching spiritual reasons these changes now are being made.”

Does your music need some variety to add some bounce and staying power as you seek to lead children to Christ? Try these ideas:

And for a bonus story, in honor of my mother who recently passed away, here’s The Power of Music, for Children “From One to Ninety-two”

Whether church is two hours or three: music in Primary? YESS!




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