Is anything getting through? Proof #2

Sometimes, weary Primary leaders and parents wonder if anything they’re saying is getting through. I’m here to tell you it IS. In an earlier post I wrote about a scripture story I heard when I was age 7, then remembered eleven years later when I was investigating the Church: see Is Anything Getting Through? Proof #1

Here’s Proof #2 that kids are absorbing more than we think. When my kids were little, we faithfully held family scripture study. Occasionally we got them to sit still and listen. They couldn’t read yet, and this is before Book of Mormon Stories came out. I often wondered why we bothered; what they could possibly be learning? But I knew that latter-day prophets had instructed us to hold scripture study with our children, no matter how young, and we did.

Around dinnertime, the children would look out the window to watch for Daddy’s arrival. One day our oldest son Rob announced, with authority and enthusiasm, “Hark! Daddy cometh!”

Whether or not he was absorbing the message, he was absorbing the language of the scriptures.

Your efforts DO make a difference. One day, the “children [will] arise and call you blessed” (Proverbs 31:28).



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