Scouting – don’t plateau!

photo by Pierette, cake to the left by Seville, Pinewood Derby racecar Twinkies by Ted

Yes, it is true that the Church is discontinuing the relationship with the Boy Scouts of America as of January 2020. But a lot can happen before then!

This article from the Church News reminds us that “History has proven much can happen in 19 months (about the time between the announcement and implementation) —and Church leaders hope the time leading up to the historic youth initiative will be, well, time well spent.

  • “Nineteen months is about eight times as long as Columbus’s voyage to America and nine times as long as the Mayflower’s journey.
  • Nineteen months is five-and-a-half times as long as the Spanish-American War.
  • And 19 months is about 30 days longer than a sister missionary’s typical length of service.

“How to keep up momentum and keep kids excited? Remind leaders, parents and boys that we have a golden opportunity to make the most of this time, and to boldly achieve to each boy’s fullest potential.”

I offer my personal opinion that the Church program rolled out in January 2020 won’t look that different from today’s Cub Scouting. I predict that boys will still be setting goals in areas of character development and achieving those goals. So remaining fully engaged in Cub Scouts will keep them in that good habit. Carry on, “youth of the noble birthright!”

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