Free giveaway of our book that was born on Primary in Zion!

SundayLessons_Front_RGBAnd now this Public Service Announcement: Walnut Springs Press is giving away 3 copies of our book “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids!” Enter by Nov 30 for a chance to win: Click here to enter!!

All countries are eligible worldwide for this giveaway, just for you — our readers from 160 countries (see What’s Primary like in Nepal or Bahrain?) The book is also available on and wherever LDS books are sold. A portion of the proceeds from books sold benefit Waltham Family School, but of course this giveaway is FREE!

Read here to see how this book was born on this blog: Primary in Zion becomes a book!

And if you’re not already, don’t forget to follow the blog (click on the right sidebar here) or “like” our page on Facebook!

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