Children as Guest Singers in Youth or Adult Classes

Catch this revolutionary idea in the new manual “Teaching in the Savior’s Way“:

“Consider how you can make music part of your lessons; for example, you could play a recording of a hymn or invite a family or some Primary children to sing in your class.” While this probably should not happen too often, so as not to interfere with the children’s own gospel instruction, an occasional class visit gives the children the opportunity to bear their testimonies through song. Children rarely have the opportunity to share their musical testimonies besides the sacrament meeting presentation.

“Music has boundless powers for moving [us] toward greater spirituality and devotion to the gospel” (“First Presidency Preface, Hymns, x). And music sung by children, either children without sin (under age 8) or children not very good at sinning yet (ages 8+)? Even sweeter. Such a musical number could be a powerful addition to any lesson.

While you’re at it, have you seen the video of children explaining gospel principles in their own words? Like this one: The Atonement: Children’s Bible Videos


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