June/July Sharing Time or family night lesson: Game about the First 4 Principles of the Gospel




(Download the one-page lesson plan here: First Four Principles lesson outline.)

Four weeks in June, four First Principles and Ordinances of the gospel! Teach one per week – Check. Then, you can do this review game or quiz! Luckily for you, there are five Sundays in July but only four lessons in the Sharing Time manual. So you can spend the first Sunday in July reviewing what the children learned in June.

Start by having the children recite or sing the 4th Article of Faith (Children’s Songbook, 124) so they can name those first four principles and ordinances:

  1. Faith
  2. Repentance
  3. Baptism
  4. Gift of the Holy Ghost

Then try this review game. Prepare word strips with the following statements. Feel free to substitute other statements from the lessons taught earlier about the first principles of the gospel.

Divide the children into four groups (perhaps by class) and give one person in each group a sign with one of the first four principles listed above. Explain, “I’m going to read some situations, and you tell me which one applies to which of the first four principles of the gospel. If it’s your group, the whole group stands up! For example, if I tell a story about someone who has faith, the faith group stands up. Some situations might apply to more than one of the first principles, so both groups stand up. Ready? Let’s go!”

Review Game: (answers below)

  1. Jonah said he wouldn’t preach in Nineveh. But after he was swallowed by the whale, he changed his mind and went to Nineveh. (Jonah 1–3)
  2. Jesus set the example for us in the River Jordan. (Matthew 3:13-17)
  3. Alma did this when he left King Noah’s court. (Mosiah 17:2–418:1–17)
  4. Alma compared this principle to a seed. (Alma 32:28 – 30)
  5. This principle has to do with the third member of the Godhead. (Article of Faith 1)
  6. Children younger than eight years old have to wait for this principle. (Moroni 8:10 – 11)
  7. The brother of Jared had so much of this that he saw Jesus Christ. (Ether 3:6, 9-10)
  8. The Anti-Nephi-Lehies did this when they buried their swords. (Alma 23:4–1824:6–19)
  9. This principle comes last because you need the other three first. (Article of Faith 4)
  10. Enos prayed all night to receive this. (see Enos 1:1–4)


  1. Jonah (Repentance — perhaps also Faith)
  2. Jesus in the River Jordan (Baptism)
  3. Alma after King Noah (Repentance AND Baptism)
  4. Alma compares this to a seed (Faith)
  5. Third member of the Godhead (as needed, explain Godhead and who the other two members are). (Holy Ghost)
  6. Age 8 (Baptism AND Gift of the Holy Ghost)
  7. The brother of Jared (Faith)
  8. The Anti-Nephi-Lehies buried their swords (Repentance — perhaps also Faith)
  9. This principle comes last because you need the other three first (Gift of the Holy Ghost)
  10. Enos prayed all night to receive this. (Repentance)

Have extra time?  Additional lesson ideas:

  • Show pictures that illustrate each of the statements. AND/OR
  • Briefly review each story. AND/OR
  • Ask followup and application questions, such as “Why did Alma compare faith to a seed? What can we do to help our ‘faith plant’ grow in our hearts?” AND/OR
  • For Senior Primary, give the scripture clue instead of reading the statement.

See other 5th Sunday lesson ideas here:

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