Listening for “My Word” in the Scriptures

20160111_184714Today’s guest contributor is Mackenzie, who has a fun family scripture study technique that would work beautifully in Primary as well. Mackenzie is a mother of two who enjoys outdoor sports and warm weather.

During scripture reading, Mackenzie gives her children a popsicle stick with a word that frequently appears in the scriptures, such as “Lord” or “God” (see photo) or “faith.” Then, as the scriptures are being read, each child holds up their word when they hear it. Mackenzie says it helps the children to focus and stay involved in scripture reading.  This would be a great Primary activity that even the Sunbeams would enjoy, whether they can read the words or not!  In fact, for the Junior Primary you might consider writing a word and adding a simple little drawing with it.

I can also imagine older children doing a “Word Choir” (!!) like a verbal equivalent of a bell choir. Cut out the words of a scripture individually. Give each child a word and ask them to unscramble themselves and stand in order. Then, each child reads their word in turn, holding up their word until the whole scripture verse comes together.

Even very young children can have positive experiences with the word of God in the scriptures.

~Marci with guest contributor Mackenzie


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