Serving as Jesus Served: Sharing Time project or family activity

“Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.” And what did Jesus do when he was on the earth? He served others with love. Children can follow Jesus’ perfect example and serve too!

Of course, singing “When We’re Helping We’re Happy” (Children’s Songbook, 198) is optional but memorable! and “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” (CS 78), particularly verse 2: “I’m trying to love my neighbor, I’m learning to serve my friends. . . ”

There may be service projects happening in your ward to which Primary children can contribute. If the Relief Society or youth are collecting items for the needy or visiting nursing homes or hospitals, Primary children can make cards to go with them. The service coordinators can tell the children about the project, explaining in age-appropriate ways about homelessness, cancer, hunger or refugees.

For example, one ward Relief Society in my area recently did a service project for refugees through a local community organization. The sisters put together bags of items children could play with or might need during the refugee screening process. Primary children could help collect the items or decorate the bags.

A song related to the “#IWasAStranger” service initiative is “We Are Different,” (CS 263). Try swinging it to a rhythmic calypso beat!

Perhaps you’d like to ask the moms of the missionaries serving from your ward to talk about their son or daughter on a mission, and have the children make cards or letters for the missionaries. Bring lots of colored paper and stickers and markers. Perhaps the pianist can play soft background music while the children create.

Here are more ideas:

You’re never too young to experience the wonderful feeling that comes from serving as Jesus served.




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