Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday music, lessons and activities–Greatest hits!

bulbs in snow

photo courtesy of Susan Porter

I love this time of year!  It’s always a celebration when you realize that you’ve survived another winter and that spring actually will indeed come again, despite your wavering faith during the endless weeks of frigid temperatures.  Easter is a beautiful way to celebrate hope, new life, re-birth, resurrection, new beginnings!

This is a perfect time of year to teach the children about what this big word RESURRECTION actually means.  Some of our blog favorites:

  1. Preparing for Easter
  2. Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday:Sharing time ideas with family activity. This is a fun hands-on activity you can download and print for Sharing Time.
  3. The Last Week: The Atonement and Resurrection–Easter sharing time idea or family activity. Do you think your Primary families would enjoy receiving a list of scriptures about the Savior’s last week?  This list of scriptures is organized by date to use for yourself or share with your Primary families.
  4. Making Music Time Fun and Interactive! Particularly check out #4 “Easter Basket” and #5 “Flannel Board Story” for great Easter-themed music time ideas.

Learning about the Savior is a great way to celebrate the true meaning of Easter and balance the focus on Easter egg hunts and baskets filled with candy. However you choose to celebrate, let’s teach our children to remember our Savior and what his life, death, and resurrection means for each of us individually. I am grateful He is risen!




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