Bridging Home and Church Through a Child’s Simple Question

     I often ask my children what they learned in Primary and get little to no details.  I know this doesn’t mean that they didn’t learn anything.  When I am in Primary, I sometimes witness them learning amazing things, but when Daddy asks about it, he gets perfunctory or hollow responses.  I think they’re usually just interested in moving on to something else and don’t want to talk about it at the time.  I get it; I’m the same way sometimes.  But I still would love to hear details about what they’re learning in Primary.

      When I received the following email from my daughter’s Primary president recently, I was thrilled!

“Just wanted to share a little anecdote with you from Primary. We did a lesson on opening and closing prayers, to try to increase participation in that area.  Your daughter was a great participant in the lesson, and at the end, I asked if there were any questions. One Sunbeam boy asked “How does Heavenly Father hear our prayers?” and then your daughter asked “Why do we say ‘in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen’?” I was so struck by the sincerity of both questions. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I gave a great answer to her question; I was already overtime, and kind of rushed through some type of explanation about Jesus being our advocate and taking our concerns to Heavenly Father, since He performed the Atonement for us. Anyway, I thought you might want to follow up on that question in Family Home Evening or dinner discussion with a more thorough explanation, so I thought I’d let you know.”

     Not only was it exciting to hear what they were discussing, it was so beneficial to know about my daughter’s question.  She had never asked us that question before. When we continued the discussion at home during dinner time my daughter was thrilled that both her parents and her church leaders took her question seriously. I think it helped her to see the connection between Sunday gospel learning and home gospel learning as well.
     Bridging the gap between Primary and home can be tricky sometimes.  Primary teachers and leaders: sending an email to parents is a simple and meaningful way to keep a line of communication, build relationships, and strengthen the spiritual growth of the children.  And there never seems to be enough time to cover everything you hope to in Primary, so a follow up email to continue the conversation is genius.
     I am so grateful for dedicated Primary leaders and teachers who agree to teach my kids each Sunday, to share their testimony, and to be part of the village I need to raise these beautiful children of God to know and love their Savior.  I need all the help I can get!  Thank you.


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