Learning the Articles of Faith: 3 fun ideas

Learning the Articles of Faith as a child will reap blessings throughout their lives. Even if they don’t understand all the words now, knowing the Articles of Faith gives children solid grounding in doctrine that they will understand layer by layer as they continue to grow in the gospel.

Here are three ideas for learning the Articles of Faith:

  • SundayLessons_Front_RGBTry Articles of Faith in Pictures by Jon Forsyth, from page 22 of “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids” (the book that grew from this blog!). See the book for the explanation of how the number of the Article of Faith is woven into the picture; i.e. 5 fingers for the 5th Article of Faith about laying on of hands, 6 temple spires for the 6th Article of Faith about the organization of the church, etc. These clever, memorable pictures help visual learners particularly.


  • A of F posterTry a poster with the first letter of each word. The Monumento Ward in Sao Paulo, Brazil teaches the children in this way (see photo – with the first letters of the words in Portuguese, of course). As you recite one of the Articles of Faith, children can follow along without giving away too much of the words. After awhile children won’t need the poster with the first letters.


  • You can’t beat the staying power of music! The Articles of Faith set to music begin on page 122 of the Children’s Songbook.


Happy memorizing!




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