Songs and Scriptures for 2016: Memorization Challenge!

2016-primary-sharingtime-cover“I Know the Scriptures are True” is the Primary theme for 2016.  To complement the Sharing Time outline, guest author Jen has once again shared her song and scripture chart with us.  This is a great resource to help children work toward memorizing the scriptures each month and learning the songs.  You can also send this home with families for personal use.

In past years my family has used this outline to help guide our morning devotional before our kids go to school.  We dedicate a few minutes to recite together the month’s scripture and sing the song.  Repetition throughout the month helps young minds retain these powerful words in their memories. Taking the Primary themes into your home is a great way to build on the gospel learning children receive at church.  Often, with limited lesson time at church, individual questions go unanswered and discussion are cut short.  Home is a perfect environment to discuss and answer gospel questions and inquiries.

Download the Song and Scripture chart here!



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