The Gospel in a Bag! a fun DIY to help children prepare for baptism

Today’s guest author is Barbara a mother of 9, grandmother of nearly 21, and currently a ward Primary president. Today she shares an idea for helping children prepare for their baptism.  This idea would be helpful as you look ahead to the new year and all the children who will be turning 8 and getting baptized in your ward.  How fun would it be to include this in your “It’s Great to Be 8” celebrations?

To prepare our Primary children for baptism, we stitch a simple drawstring bag for them and fill it with laminated flip cards that lay out the entire basics of the gospel in a way that really grabs their attention and is simple enough for them to teach to their families.


This makes a great gift to present on the day of baptism, or to give in advance and encourage the parents to allow the child to present the teachings to the family in a Family Home Evening lesson. It’s also a great quiet toy for Sacrament meeting that also helps to reinforce gospel principles and baptismal promises.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. To make the drawstring bag: You can go online and watch many videos on how to make a simple drawstring bag, but this one is more basic than them all.
  2.  Cut a piece of 11” x 15” white fabric. I use muslin or sometimes white satin if I can find it.
  3. Fold the fabric (wrong side of fabric touching) in the middle of the long edge, bringing the short edges together.  Stitch a ¼” seam down the long side of the folded fabric, continuing across one short end, leaving the third side OPEN for the top of the bag.
  4. Turn right side out, and iron.
  5. To add the drawstring, fold and iron ¼” down from the top of the opening all around, then fold it down again so the folded edge is ½” from the top. Stitch that folded hem all around the opening very near to the fold, leaving a ½” opening for insertion of the drawstring. You can make the opening of your stitching either at the un-seamed side or the center back of the bag.
  6. To insert drawstring: Attach a safety pin to a 20” long piece of ribbon or cording, and use it to thread the ribbon through the channel made by the folded upper hem of the bag.  Tie the loose ends together near the ends, knotting tightly.
  7. Press all the seams, and voila! You have your bag.
  8. Insert a handful of individually wrapped Life Savers mints, maybe a CTR ring, an Articles of Faith card, or none of the above. The most important thing is the loose leaf binder ring with the pictures and explanations, with the cards arranged on the ring in order of their number.
  9. To make the cards: Print off the attached PDF of baptism images on cardstock, run through a laminating machine if you like, then cut into individual cards. Hole punch in the upper left corner of each card.
  10. After card #6 (“The soap is to remind you that you must have clean thoughts…”),  tie on a small hotel-sized bar of soap in a tulle bag (I make mine out of a scrap of tulle folded and stitched to make a bag, turned right side out and knotted shut with a ribbon)
  11. After card #7 (“The Holy Ghost will comfort you like a warm blanket.”), attach a 4” x 5” rectangle of soft fleece fabric with a hole punched in the corner to attach to ring.

This is a simple project to put together.  I print out several sheets of the baptism bag contents, laminate, cut out and hole punch them and keep them handy for the next baptism.

Download a PDF of the flip card documents: Baptism Bag Contents 



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