“When We Serve Others, We Serve God”

Marci’s CTR 4 class from 2006

Thinking of those less fortunate is a wonderful lesson for children. Any time is an ideal time to coordinate with your Ward Council to find out what the other auxiliaries are planning for service and how Primary children can contribute. For example, perhaps the Relief Society or Young Men/Young Women are planning to mail care packages to missionaries or military personnel. Or maybe the ward is doing a “Sub for Santa” project of collecting holiday gifts for needy families or children in homeless shelters. Primary children can contribute to the cause by:

  • Helping collect non-perishable food items. Senior Primary classes might visit Relief Society or priesthood classes to ask for donations. For extra fun, ask each family to bring one red and one green non-perishable item (green Jello and red dried cranberries, a can of green beans and a can of beets, or a can of pasta sauce and spinach flavored pasta).
  • Making cards to accompany donations. Creating cards with paper, envelopes, stickers and crayons while the pianist plays Primary songs could be a terrific Sharing Time lesson or Activity Day.
  • Making homemade wrapping paper by decorating a roll of newsprint or butcher paper, or decorating plain gift bags. Some restaurants have plain brown paper bags for takeout food that they might be willing to donate. Then gifts for the needy can be wrapped in an extra bit of love from the Primary children. For security, the gift bags can be stapled shut for transport after they’re filled.

For more service project ideas that children can do, see Transform year-round holiday craziness into holiday service, my one-and-only published Ensign contribution here,  and Jackie’s “Pint Sized Service Projects” here.



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