Put kids to work creating your visuals and activities!

Sure, you can go online and find snazzy visuals and activities to go with the songs and Sharing Time lessons. Or you can have the children CREATE them for you, thereby getting them more involved in the music or lesson! Guest author Carlan to the rescue! She is a mama bear to three and a partner to the papa bear; a tough minded, hard-working, loyal friend from the west coast living it up in the east coast; a singer, lover of music and all things creative. Carlan writes:

kids' art
To teach the song “Faith” (Children’s Songbook, 96), I split up the words of the song into eight parts and assigned a phrase to each class (combining small classes as needed).  I passed out crayons and white poster paper, cut to size, and asked them to illustrate the words for their part of the song. It was a fun way for the children to think about the words of the song and use their creativity to represent them.  The more time they spend thinking about the words, using their creativity and having fun, the deeper the song is sinking into their memories. That means a more lasting effect in learning the gospel, not just the song.
Other weeks I gave each class a phrase of a song and asked them to invent their own actions (a mix of gestures and American Sign Language) which turned out really cute.
For “Follow The Prophet” (CS, 110) I assigned each class a verse about a certain prophet. I made a scroll for each class, which they designed and colored to show everything that represented that prophet.  I think it really helped them learn their verse and better connect with the prophets.
Keep the visuals or props and use them to review the song or lesson often in future weeks. The children will be delighted to see their creative work again!
For more fun ideas for learning songs, type in “music” in the search box to the right. Here’s one of our favorites: “Making Music Time Fun and Interactive.”

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