Sing, Step and Learn a new Song!

Energetic Primary music leader Leslie does a lively version of musical chairs in this fun singing time activity. Leslie is a 71-year-old Grandma of 35, mother of 11 and great grandma of 3. She works as an accountant and spends her spare time reading, sewing, and preparing for Primary Singing Time.

This activity is a takeoff on musical chairs:

First, make cards with the words to a song the children are learning, with one word on each card. The cards go on the floor in a circle.

Sing, Step, and Learn

After reviewing the song by singing it together once, ask, “Who can sing and walk at the same time?” In a small Primary, all the children can come up; in a larger Primary you can take one or two volunteers from each class. While the pianist plays the song, everyone sings while the children walk from card to card round the circle. At random intervals, the pianist stops the music. Whatever word we last sang is the magic word. Whoever is standing on the word of choice gets a sticker, a “super singer” necklace, or a “hooray!” If the word isn’t represented on the floor (it never comes out exactly even), try again!

A new take on Musical Chairs: “Musical Words”


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