Birthday bonus from the Bishop!

Birthdays are a way to honor each individual child separately throughout the year, with each child having his/her moment in the sun. And birthdays are very important to a child.

But honoring a birthday child can potentially be disruptive. Giving a child a bag of treats or stickers during Sharing Time often leads the birthday child to investigate the loot. The child stops paying attention, with other children eyeing the treats.

Primary leader Katie found a terrific idea that solves the problem and provides an additional benefit: giving the bishop a chance to interact with precious younger members of his flock. After the children sing one of the fun birthday songs in the Children’s Songbook*  to the child, the secretary gives the child a “birthday coupon” pictured here. After church, the child goes to the bishop’s office to redeem it for a treat. A few laminated coupons can make their way back to Primary to reuse. Prayerfully consider mailing a coupon with a birthday card to a less active child if you think it would be well received.

birthday coupon

Other Primaries make a three-tiered birthday cake out of cardboard, with an assortment of pencils stuck in as candles. The birthday child chooses a birthday pencil.

Some Primaries do both – a pencil in Primary that goes under the child’s chair so as not to distract, and a birthday coupon for a treat after church.

Happy birthday, dear children!

* There are six birthday songs in the Children’s Songbook – do your children know all six? Look in the index on page 306 under “birthdays.”

*To download a PDF of these birthday coupons click here to go to SugarDoodle


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