Faith and Miracles: A child’s prayer can save a (duck’s) life

Miracles are not limited to Jesus’ time on earth, but they’re happening today, all around us. Sometimes small miracles can be overlooked and unappreciated if we aren’t paying attention.  Here’s a true story of a miracle we experienced in our family. You may want to read or tell this story to the children, to supplement the good ideas in the Sharing Time Outline.

Recently my husband and 6-year-old daughter were on a bird-watching date. They had snuck away one Sunday afternoon for a little bonding time in nature. Not long into their trip I received a distraught phone call from my husband: they had stumbled upon a Mommy Mallard who had been hit and killed by a car near the edge of a marsh. Nearby were 6 very small, very fluffy, very orphaned ducklings, chirping in distress.  I immediately got to work trying to find some information out online; what should they do with them?  Bring them home?  Leave them alone?  I quickly learned that baby ducks are at great risk at that young age and aren’t able to survive on their own.  So, my next step was to find out where we could take the ducklings for care — if they were able to collect them.

Meanwhile, my daddy-daughter-duo was trying to gently corral and collect the little balls of fluff-on-legs, who did their best to hide from what they no doubt assumed to be gigantic human predators.  After more than 30 minutes and some serious effort, they had only been able to collect 5 of the 6 ducklings, who were chirping frantically in a box.  They knew there were 6 since they had seen them all briefly when they first arrived on the scene of the accident.  But try as they might, they could not spot that sixth bird.  These ducklings were well-trained, nestling deep into the reeds and long grasses of the marsh and sitting completely still and quiet.  Daughter was resolved to find that last baby bird and told Daddy they were not leaving without it!  But duckling number six had scurried off and gone completely silent, and they thought they had looked everywhere.  Finally, Daddy decided to go across the way and look in a new area while Daughter kept watch over the 5 ducklings in the box.  After searching fruitlessly Daddy returned unsuccessful.  Daughter told him, “I said a prayer for you so you can find that duckling.  I know you will find it!”  Seconds later she thought she heard a chirp nearby.  Daddy thought it was just the birds they had already collected.  Daughter was adamant that she heard another chirp and pointed into the reeds.  Daddy followed her directions, spotted the last baby duck, and collected it up gently and reunited it with the others.  Daddy was thrilled that Daughter encouraged him not to give up and thought to say a prayer for extra guidance.

Make Way for Ducklings!

The power of a child’s prayer is limitless.  Daughter had complete faith that her prayer would be answered and that Daddy would find that last baby duck.  Because of her faith they were blessed to see a miracle that day. That prayer and the faith of one little girl saved all of those ducklings. After bringing them home we found a Wildlife Center an hour away that could take them immediately.  Finding a place that was open on a Sunday evening, after a half a dozen dead ends, was also a miracle.   We drove the ducklings to their new home where they will be raised with other ducklings until they are ready to transition back into the wild.  Our whole family was brought closer together by witnessing this miracle and in serving others…even if they were ducks!

“And now, he imparteth his word by angels unto men, yea, not only men but women also.  Now this is not all; little children do have words given unto them many times, which confound the wise and the learned.” Alma 32:23

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What miracles have you seen in your life recently?




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