Celebrate August birthdays: Primary AND President Monson!

Ok, you call it a coincidence. I call it a sign.

Painting of the first LDS Primary, lds.org



In 2014 Laura S. published “5th Sunday in August: Celebrate Birthdays of Primary and President Monson.” She mentioned that the first Primary was held on August 25, 1878 (see History of Primary at lds.org). President Monson was born on August 21, 1927.

Happy birthday, President Monson!

Happy birthday, President Monson!

I thought it was amazing that 2014 had five Sundays, to accommodate this extra lesson idea. But 2015 ALSO has five Sundays.

So if you saw the idea go by in 2014 and said “That sounds like fun,” but didn’t get your head above water to make it happen, maybe 2015 is the year to do it! See lesson plans and service ideas here.

Happy birthday, President Monson!    Happy birthday, Primary!



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