The Holy Ghost only whispers: “The Holy Ghost Testifies the Truth of All Things”

Get ready for the quietest Primary you’ve ever heard, while a child whispers which box holds the trinket. Read below or download the lesson plan for June 2015 Sharing Time here: Holy Ghost lesson outline

While preparing this lesson, I came across an answer to something I’ve been wondering for a long time:  “The Holy Ghost is properly referred to as ‘he.’ The gift of the Holy Ghost is properly referred to as ‘it.'” (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, A New Witness for the Articles of Faith, 257). It underscored for me that the Holy Ghost is actually a personage, not just a vapor or a feeling. I love thinking about Him as my constant companion — a real personage — who can walk with me and steer me around bumps in my journey. I can love the Holy Ghost the way I love God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


Lesson Outline: “The Holy Ghost Testifies the Truth of All Things”

(See above to download this lesson plan as a single page.)

Items needed:

  • Prepare a banner or poster, or write on the board: “The Holy Ghost testifies the truth of all things.”
  • Pictures of heart, ear, and mind from (June and July 2014)
  • Set out three open boxes, one of which has a small object inside, and place a cloth over the top.

Lesson Principles:

  • There are many ways to know truth.
  • The Holy Ghost tells us in our mind, heart, and ear.
  • The Holy Ghost can tell us of things we can’t know otherwise.

Lesson Outline:


  • Welcome the children. Say “Raise your hand if you think that ice is cold. How do you know?” (Children may say “I’ve touched it.”) “Raise your hand if you think that the sun is hot. How do you know? You’ve never been to the sun.” Point out that you can know the truth of many things that you can’t sense with your five senses (touch, sight, smell, sound, taste). There are many ways to know truth.
  • Explain: “One way to know the truth is by the Holy Ghost, which can tell us of things we can’t see or touch, but can know in our heart or mind.” Give examples of things we may need to know that we can’t find out by seeing or touching such as:
    1. Is God real? We can’t see Him, but the Holy Ghost can tell us that He is real and He loves us.
    2. Does He hear my prayer? The Holy Ghost can tell us that God really is listening, and will answer in His own way.
    3. Is the Book of Mormon true? Did those stories in the book really happen? We can’t put the Book of Mormon on a scale and weigh it to find out if it’s true. We can’t use a measuring stick and find out if it’s true. We can only know if the Holy Ghost tells us.

ACTIVITY: (from 2014 Sharing Time Outline, page 15)

  • The Holy Ghost tells us in our mind, heart, and ear. Show the pictures of mind, heart and ear.
    1. Junior Primary: Have a teacher or older child read the following scriptures. D&C 11:13 (mind), Helaman 5:45 (heart), Helaman 5:46-47 (ear), and D&C 8:2 (mind and heart). Have the children repeat the scripture, a phrase at a time. Ask a child to point to the correct picture, and have all the children place their hands on their own mind, heart or ear.
    2. Senior Primary: Post the pictures. Assign children to four groups; each group looks up one of the scriptures above and stands beneath the picture that applies to their scripture. Then have the children read the scripture aloud together. (Trick question: one of the scriptures has two answers, so the group will have to split up.)

SONG: “Listen, Listen” (Children’s Songbook 107), “The Holy Ghost” (105), or “The Still Small Voice” (106)


  • The Holy Ghost whispers things we can’t know.
    1. Point to the boxes, set up as above. Remove the cloth, so that the boxes are in plain view but the contents are still hidden. Ask the children to guess which box has the object inside. They’ll protest that they can’t tell. Choose a child to look and see which choice is right. Have that child whisper the answer so the whole group can hear. Invite a child to come up and retrieve the object. Repeat as time allows, holding up the cloth in front of the boxes so you can mix them up – and perhaps even sneak another small object into one or both of the other boxes! That way there are two or three right answers.
    2. Point out that sometimes we need to make important choices when we can’t see what the choice actually is. But the Holy Ghost knows everything, and He can whisper the right choice.
    3. Notice that we have to take time to be quiet and listen carefully, because the Holy Ghost only whispers. Reread Helaman 5:46-47.
    4. Tell about a time you had to make a choice without knowing the outcome, such as which school to attend, which person to marry, or where to live. Tell how the Holy Ghost helped you.

TESTIMONY: Testify that the Holy Ghost can guide us to truth.



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