Transform year-round holiday craziness into holiday service

Did you see the article “Can We Bring the Holidays Down a Notch?” Some folks think that St. Patrick’s Day must involve a leprechaun hunt for gold coins. Valentine’s Day exchanges must be entire goodie bags, not just homemade cards decorated with crooked red hearts. Pie must be served on Pi Day (March 14 — you know, 3.1415. . . ). And Christmas, well, forget it. The author of the article suggests bringing the holiday craziness down a notch.

Marci's Primary class from 2006.

Marci’s Primary class from 2006.

I’ve got a different idea. First, give yourself credit for getting through each day. It seems impossible sometimes even on ordinary days, with everything there is to do, before you add holiday expectations. Then, go ahead and wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, tint your breakfast milk green, even scramble up some green eggs and ham. Whatever makes you happy. Then, if you still have energy, instead of ever more elaborate holiday celebration ideas, how about making each holiday a service opportunity? Those hungry folks in homeless shelters and soup kitchens that you help out at Christmastime — they’re hungry on St. Patrick’s Day and Easter too. And firemen and policemen work around the clock 365 days a year. Somebody is working on every single holiday. Maybe you’d like to bring them a warm cinnamon roll after your own family’s holiday breakfast.

Maybe children would like to collect all green nonperishable food for the local food pantry on St. Pat’s day (let’s see. . .  canned green beans, lime jello, spinach pasta. . . ) or red food for Valentine’s Day (hmm . . . pasta sauce, beets, canned tomatoes. . . ). Bring a pie to your local police station or fire station for Pi Day to thank them for their service to the community. Make and deliver Easter cards to shut-ins. Invite another family (member or nonmember) to join you in your holiday service caper. You can serve as a family or as a Primary or as a school classroom.

Marci's 4-5s Class 004

More service ideas at my one-and-only published Ensign contribution here.

And check out Jackie’s “Pint Sized Service Projects” here.

Then make each holiday a little bit of a holy day, seeking to make others happy too, serving as Christ served.




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