Scripture study habits bring peace to children in turmoil

Today’s guest author Holly is a wife, mother of 8 (four mine, four his), grandma to 7, and daughter of God.

When my children were young we had family prayer and family scripture study every day without fail. EVERY DAY. Many of those days our family scripture study didn’t go well. Someone is poking someone. Someone was touching or looking at someone, etc…you get the picture, but we did it anyway. Most days scripture study was between 20-30 minutes long as we read scriptures and discussed them. Days, months, and years passed.  We found out from our kids that none of their friends did it that way, but we kept on. This was sacred time to us.

Our older children grew to be young teens and then their world crashed. My husband and I divorced. This was a traumatic time for them and, in essence, they went off the deep end. Our life was in uproar. They were angry and frustrated, and since they lived with me, they took all that anger and frustration out on me. It felt like a war zone. For the first time, I dreaded the moment they stepped in the door from school.

But here is the important part of the story. At 8:30 every night without me prodding them, they would each come in my room for family scripture study and prayer. There was no fighting, no evil looks….just peace as we studied scriptures and prayed. 20-30 minutes of peace every day.

Afterwards, they stepped out my bedroom door and it was a war zone again. Those really were the only peaceful moments we had for several months. It was a remarkable miracle that I will forever value.

I didn’t know when my children were young just how much of a sacred time our crazy scripture study was. If we hadn’t been having scripture study on a consistent basis all along, I wouldn’t have been able to start it at that tumultuous time in their life.  But during those days of turmoil, that sacred time brought peace, and from that the strength to move forward, for each one of us.

“Wherefore, be not weary in well doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.” Doctrine & Covenants 64:33


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