Set the Tone, Reap the Benefits

Today’s guest author is Cathryn who is a homeschooling mother of four and loves to sing, dance, be outside, sew, bake, learn, and create.  Her favorite thing about Primary is singing beautiful songs with beautiful children!

When I was called to be the Primary Music Leader, having never served in that capacity before (and being thrilled to the very core to try!), I turned to the church website to read any information given in reference to that calling.  One of the first gems that I happened upon was the idea of having the children do some singing as they first enter the Primary room.  You know, that time when the end of Sacrament Meeting chaos begins, and 5 to 10 (sometimes more) children immediately scoot down the hall to the primary room before any teachers have any hope of getting there before them.  At least, that’s how it is in our ward.  We were having trouble keeping reverence in our Primary from the very start, so I thought this idea of giving the kids an opportunity to focus their energy into moving and singing, instead of chatting and wiggling, would be perfect!  So I tried it, and the results have been awesome!

Catch their attention with music to give them the opportunity to hear, feel, absorb, learn and grow!

So this is how we do it.  First off, I make sure that I am in the Primary room before Sacrament Meeting ends.  Then, as children arrive, I begin immediately by doing wiggle songs with them (“Popcorn Popping “(CS 242), “Once there was a Snowman” (CS 249), “Do as I’m Doing” (CS 276), etc.).  As other children arrive, they become immediately involved in the songs we are singing, and they are excited!  These are their favorite songs, of course!  After about 5 or so minutes of wiggle songs, our pianist has arrived.  I do one last wiggle song that ends with the children in a reverent position.  My favorite one to use is “My Hands” (CS 273).  I motion to the pianist to begin playing reverent primary songs.  I ask the children to either ooh or hum the songs as she plays them.  After one or two songs it is time to begin, and the children have their wiggles out and are much more ready to be reverent.  Such a simple idea, really, requiring very little effort on my part, but so very effective in setting the tone for the rest of primary.



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