Spotlight! Four ideas to showcase children (and teachers)

Jesus loves each child individually, and so do we. It’s wonderful to get better acquainted with each child in Primary through a brief weekly spotlight. Here are four fun ways to do it.spotlight closeup.

  1. FIVE OBJECTS: Make up a simple drawstring bag. Ask a child to take the bag home and put five objects in it and bring it the next week. It’s great fun for the child to find five things that represent his or her interests and favorites that will fit in a small bag. Then the secretary gives the bag to a different child for the following week. In small Primaries, you can let a teacher or leader have a turn once in awhile! Children love getting to know their teachers as Actual People.spotlight bag
  2. A FAMILY AT A TIME: You may enjoy getting to know several members of a whole family together. Depending upon their availability, parents and siblings can join Junior or Senior Primary or both. They can tell about the whole family, with each child participating. (Give families a time limit.)
  3. GUESS THE SPOTLIGHT CHILD: At the beginning of the year, ask all the parents to fill out a page asking about the child’s characteristics, favorites, etc. Keep these spotlight sheets on hand and choose one each week. When it’s spotlight time, ask all the children to stand (which is good for getting all the children involved at once). As you read each characteristic, children sit down if this doesn’t apply to them. For example, “Today’s spotlight child’s favorite food is pizza. If you like pizza, stay standing. If you don’t like pizza, sit down.” At the end, identify the spotlight child.
  4. PANEL OF CHILDREN (and a teacher or two!): This is particularly good for large Primaries, where a spotlight child a week may mean children wait years for a turn. Select several children (5-6) to be the spotlight children that week, and throw in a teacher or leader if you like. Ask the panel questions, then pass the microphone down the row and let each person respond.

Feel free to mix and match — a drawstring bag this week, a panel next week (especially if the spotlight child doesn’t show up with the bag). Or you may want to do a single spotlight method until you’ve worked your way through all the children, then switch to a different spotlight method.

Prayerfully consider reaching out to less active children as well. You might say something like this: “It’s Ruth’s turn to be our spotlight child sometime this month! Which Sunday would work for you? We’d love to get to know her better.”

What other spotlight ideas have worked for you?



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