Activity Day Gatherings with Families!



Guest author Heidi is a mother, former ward Primary president and current stake Primary president. Heidi shares this fun idea:

My daughter is quickly approaching her 8th birthday with anticipation that is only matched by a wedding, graduation or other major life celebration!  She’s planning her special baptism dress, shoes, bow for her hair, and invitation list for her special baptism.  She is equally thrilled that she’ll be able to attend Activity Days twice a month, as she has seen these girls at the church when we are there for her older brother’s mid-week church activities! The Activity Day program for the young girls in the church is a wonderful way for them to learn and grow, develop talents and friendships that will span the decade until they leave home for college and missions.
A few years ago our ward started a great tradition of holding two annual activities for the girls and their families. These activities have been a huge success and are completely in line with the program as outlined in the Faith in God for Girls booklet under “Orientation and Recognition,” bullet #2 on page 19.  They have allowed the girls to showcase their talents, accomplishments and have fostered wonderful friendships and camaraderie between the families.
The first event is an annual Talent Show. It has been held on a Saturday morning, but could easily be held on a mid-week night. Decorations and refreshments were simple but fun. The girls and families were so excited and love every moment of the show. Girls this age LOVE the spotlight and are so supportive of each other -and a Talent Show is a wonderful way to grow these desires.
The second annual event the Activity Day program conducted was a Family Hike and Picnic on a Saturday in spring to a wonderful nearby recreational site. Families enjoyed the hike together then brought their own meals for a picnic at the park nearby. These two events have become traditions and the girls absolutely look forward to them each year. They are both low-budget events with high-value results! Even more importantly, these activities strengthen these wonderful daughters of God, their families and their testimonies of the gospel and their Savior.

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