The Infinite Potential of a Child: A Visit to The Birthplace

Recently we took a family trip to visit Sharon, Vermont to see some church history sites and introduce them to our children.  My 5-year-old was particularly excited.  I asked her, “Would you like to go see where Joseph Smith was born? You can stand right in the very spot!”And she excitedly responded, “Yes!  And I might get the Holy Ghost!”

20141025_162220As we stood there and I read this plaque aloud we were indeed filled with the Holy Ghost testifying to us, letting us know this was a special place.  There was no need to ask if they could feel it, the look on their faces made it known. “Around this hearthstone…and fireplace, two days before Christmas 1805, the Smith family washed, dressed, and cuddled the future organizer of God’s kingdom restored.”

Cuddled.  That word was very powerful to me as I read it.  A man, once a baby like the rest of us, was called by God to restore the true Church of Jesus Christ.  Having babies (twins!) in our own home at the moment and knowing how sweet, tender, and special they are made it easy to imagine our Prophet Joseph Smith as a baby with a great future work to do.  It was also a good reminder of the divinity, greatness and potential in each of the small children our Heavenly Father has entrusted to our care.




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