Scripture Power! Where to find that memorable song?

Memphis, age 9, at

Memphis, age 9, at

Download the sheet music for the popular children’s song “Scripture Power” here.  Read just the words here, suitable for a handout or Primary newsletter.

This catchy song first appeared in the October 1987 Friend magazine. It only takes a listen or two for that chorus to be stuck in a child’s head forever!

Scripture power keeps me safe from sin.

Scripture power is the power to win.

Scripture power! Every day I need

The power that I get each time I read.

 For other ideas of how to use the scriptures themselves in Singing Time, visit “Instant Lesson.” You can read a related scriptures at the bottom right corner of the page of the Children’s Songbook or Hymns as you sing the music.
Scriptures and music – a powerful combination to invite children to come to Christ.


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4 responses to “Scripture Power! Where to find that memorable song?

  1. Tussy Norman

    Hi Marci, you can also access the song on the Church’s LDS Music app under “Additional Songs.”

  2. Marci

    Great to know – thanks for the info!

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