2015 Primary Scripture and Song Memorization Chart

One of our favorite guest authors, Jen, has done it again and created a chart for the scriptures and songs that the children are learning during Primary this year.Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 8.18.20 PM

Jen writes:

These memorization charts can be copied onto card stock and passed out to each child in Primary, along with small round stickers to help them mark their progress by covering over the symbol for each item as they memorize it.  Along with the chart, we’ll include a CD of the songs we’ll be learning this year, including the new song.  Our CD will also include the songs for the Articles of Faith.

We have added our own choices of songs to the charts. If you want to use it but would like to use different songs than the ones that our ward chose as optional songs, feel free to leave a comment with a request and I will personalize it and send it to you.

These charts can also be used for the basis of a daily family devotional with kids of all ages. You can read more about this idea here .

Download the 2015 scripture and song chart here.



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3 responses to “2015 Primary Scripture and Song Memorization Chart

  1. Thanks for this, Jen! We loved doing this a couple years ago but I didn’t print one out last year. We’ll be starting it again this year. It’s a great daily devotional, or a fun to review each week during family home evening.

  2. Elaine

    This is great! Can you personalize it for our ward with May being “I Feel My Savior’s Love” and August “I’m Trying to be like Jesus.” Could you also leave Sept-Dec blank so they can fill the songs in? Thank you!

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