Sharing Time: We Believe In God the Eternal Father

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Here are a few more activity ideas for Sharing Time that focus on our belief in God, the Eternal Father. You may want to use these ideas to supplement the excellent Sharing Time suggestions in the outline if you find you need more activities to fill the time with meaningful learning.

Goal: Help children understand that God is the Father of our spirits and loves us.


Preparation: Prior to Sunday, invite a mother, father, and baby to attend Sharing Time. Ask them to talk about how they prepared for this baby to come (buying diapers, setting up a crib, etc.), how they felt waiting for the baby to come and how they felt when the baby was born.

On Sunday have the family come and talk about their experience with their new baby. Ask the Primary children if they have had a baby come to their family, how they prepared for it and how they felt when it came.  Explain that Heavenly Father feels the same way about us because he is the Father of our spirits. He prepared a world for us and created our spirits.

Read Moses 2:26.  Just like our parents here on earth, Heavenly Father is excited about everything we learn and accomplish. When we are sad or hurt he wants to make us feel better because He loves us.


Preparation: Cut 5 paper doll silhouettes out of colored paper.

Sing: I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me, Children’s Songbook, 228

Pass out the paper dolls throughout the room. When the music starts have the children start passing the paper dolls while they sing the first verse of the song. When the song ends, whoever is holding a paper doll gets to share one way that they know Heavenly Father loves them. Repeat with the second verse.

Download these activities here.

-Laura S.


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