A Christmas Eve Program

I have four children of various ages and have struggled over the years to try to make Jesus more important during Christmas than Santa Claus.  And what works for my family is to separate the divine from the gifts.

So on Christmas Eve we focus exclusively on Christ.  I’ve tried reenacting the Christmas story, among other things. But what I love and have done for the last several years is to use the Christmas program in the church’s Family Home Evening Manual.  We usually invite another family over for dinner. I strongly encourage my children to perform some musical numbers but the highlight of the evening is when we all sit down, open our scriptures and read the Christmas story interspersed with hymns and Christmas songs.

The best thing for me is that it is already prepared.  It’s a beautiful message and welcomes the spirit into your home.

You can give the entire lesson (“Come Let Us Adore Him”) or break it up into two lessons.  I love to give the Celebration part of the lesson on Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve Celebration PDF

Words for the Songs in the Christmas Celebration PDF



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