Make your own Scripture Cover for Conference Teachings

IMG_20140810_163108_372I think of the General Conference issue of the ENSIGN is living scripture, like “Teachings of the Living Prophets.” As the Lord said, “Whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.” (Doctrine & Covenants 1:39) Perhaps families might like to shake up their scripture study by occasionally studying a General Conference talk during family scripture study time.

You can help children understand that these are living scriptures spoken by prophets in our day. This is just like ancient prophets who spoke in their day: people wrote it down, and their words became the Bible and Book of Mormon we have today. To drive home the point, help children make a scripture cover that resembles a personalized embossed scripture cover for the ENSIGN magazine. (Extra copies of the ENSIGN are $1 each at

To make the scripture cover, purchase a black paper folder and gold marker from any stationery store. Make sure the cover is paper, not plastic-coated, so you can write on it with the marker. Then find black elastic cording at any fabric store. Cut off a length, stretch it tight a little bit (so it will hold the magazine in place), and tie at the bottom. Then have the child write their title of choice on the cover. I like “Teachings of the Living Prophets: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” Finally, the child can write their name in the bottom right corner. Insert the magazine and start reading!IMG_20140827_065527_271 (4)

This might be a project for a Family Home Evening, an Activity Day, or a Sunday classroom project for Senior Primary children.

I hope children will hear the Lord’s voice in these living scriptures for our day.



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