The Backstory: How Primary in Zion connected with Mormon Media Network

Mormon Tea Episode 9 Fill Your Cup with Primary in Zion

Michelle: Back in February 2014 I gave birth to twins – by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  We called in all the willing troops to help with the twins, plus our 5 year old and 8 year old children.  My own mom’s health wouldn’t allow her to come out and help after the babies were born. So my husband’s Aunt Lori decided that she would fly out to stay with us for a week and help keep us alive right after the babies and I were released from the hospital. And boy did she save us.  But that’s another story.

Over the course of our days together I learned about the new program that Lori was producing and hosting for Mormon Media Network: Mormon Tea.  The more I learned about this program the more fascinated I was.  What a clever idea!  I loved their website’s mission statement: “Bringing Good Things Together.”  I realized that Mormon Media Network and Primary in Zion could make a good pair. Before Lori left us to go home we decided that if my family was able to visit Utah over the summer, then Lori would interview me for a Mormon Tea episode about Primary in Zion, covering topics like how it came to be, what is available on the blog, who reads it, who writes for it, and more.  We were lucky to have family and some professional opportunities that brought us to Utah so we could make this interview happen. Well, I immediately told Marci I was going to start trying to convince her to fly out to Utah and join the interview.

Marci: My first response was “You don’t need me for this. You know this stuff as well as I do, and besides, she’s your aunt. I don’t want to elbow in on a family thing.” Michelle’s response was, “But I’d love for you to come. We’re better on this stuff together, you and me.” I said, “I’m there.” That’s all the convincing I needed.

Michelle: With Marci as easily persuaded as that, we coordinated our travel plans with Lori’s availability and scheduled the interview for August 1, 2014.  We were so excited to think about sharing Primary in Zion with more people in search of these resources.

Marci: To prepare for our first-ever interview, we had a coaching session with a professional radio interviewer who is a former student of mine. Not only did Neena’s tips and tricks give us useful information, but speaking with her gave us confidence that we could do this.

Michelle: On the day of the interview we started with an amazing full Afternoon Tea with multiple courses of gourmet treats served in Lori’s living room. She worked for days to cook up everything for us from scratch.  (My 5-year-old daughter’s favorite were the cupcakes decorated with edible miniature violets from Lori’s garden.) You can recreate your own Afternoon Tea discussion with all the recipes and pictures of each item on this PDF document, designed and edited by Lori. The kiddos  joined us for the tea party and of course we all wore hats!  You can see more photos on the document as well!

Tea Party!

As soon as we wrapped up the tea party we got set up with personal microphones and settled right in to the discussion about Primary in Zion.  We were so pleased to make these resources more available to anyone who is seeking, and to make our blog readers more aware of Mormon Media Network as well.  Our conversation lasted for about an hour and a half. Before the episode goes live there is editing and mastering done behind the scenes by Matt, Lori’s husband and co-founder of Mormon Media Network. It was really interesting to learn a little bit about what happens to pull something like this together.  The audio interview ended up being 47 minutes, with a 14 page PDF document that includes recipes, photos, resources, and other learning materials specifically created to accompany our interview, Episode 9: “Fill Your Cup with Primary in Zion.”

Perhaps you’re wondering what a tea party and a discussion about teaching children the gospel has in common.  I asked Lori what sparked the creation of the program Mormon Tea and this is what she said:

Lori: My husband noticed how joyful I was after a tea party with friends, and he listened intently to my report of the interesting conversations we had over tea.  It was actually my husband’s idea to create the program “Mormon Tea” on our newly-created website Mormon Media Network.  We wanted to be able to share positive, timely, and useful information with our listeners in an atmosphere of beauty and friendship.  “Mormon Tea” is really a play on words as there really is such a thing as an herb tea called Mormon Tea.  Then there is our version of Afternoon Tea which only serves up herbal teas (infusions) in perfect harmony with the Word of Wisdom.  Our content is guided by the 13th Article of Faith: “…If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.”  And one of my favorite tea party quotes is “Life is a cup to be filled, not drained” (by Anonymous).  Coming together with friends to share a lovely pot of herb tea and engage in inspiring conversation always “fills my cup!”  Please join us!  There’s much to talk about and much to learn.  Taking time out for Tea is sure to “fill your cup” too!

The audio interview went live on September 1 and is available to listen to here.  Thank you to the team at Mormon Media Network who made this experience possible!  We hope you enjoy our discussion as much as we did.

~Michelle & Marci


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