Sharing Time Lesson: When I Serve A Mission, I Serve God

Yes, I invite the missionaries over to our home to feed them, but also, honestly, to have my 5-year-old son interact with them. I want him to know the strong serving spirit that radiates out of missionaries. I want him to feel the love that those missionaries have for him and everyone else in our community, member or not. I want him to know that that love is the love that God has for each of us. Just like with my son, my hope is that by continually talking about missionary work in Primary and helping children hear personal stories about missionary service, a seed will be planted in their heart to someday serve a mission and spread that same love.

Go HERE for a printable lesson plan.

SHARING TIME LESSON: When I Serve A Mission, I Serve God


Print “Future Missionary” nametag on adhesive name badges. Here is an example. Name badge-sized label stickers would work well.

Lesson Plan:

As children come in give them a name badge.

Activity: Watch this “Mormon Missionary” clip from (5 minutes – but if you feel it is too long for your Primary you could only show them a portion of it).

Discuss: What is a missionary? Who can go on a mission? Do you know anyone who went on a mission? Do you know any missionaries serving right now?

Read: Matthew 28:19-20 Discuss that people have been missionaries way before Joseph Smith assigned the first missionaries in America. Jesus asked for missionaries to teach the gospel all around the world after He was resurrected.

Activity: Invite a returned missionary or current missionary from the ward or senior missionary (couple or single) to share a short experience (1 or 2 minutes) about service on their mission. It could be a specific story that they remember, how they felt when they served, or any other thoughts they have on serving God. I also like to invite them to bring a prop or a picture to pique children’s interest.

-Laura S.



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