Fizzing, Bubbling Chemistry Experiments in Primary!


Guest author Shellie describes herself like this: “I’m a Primary music leader with very little musical talent but I believe strongly that we can strengthen and bear our testimonies through the songs of the gospel.” Here’s her unique idea:

I used a simple science-type visual aid to choose the songs we sang one day.  It took a little preparation ahead of time.  I had four small, clear glass jars placed on a tray or cookie sheet with sides. Three jars were filled with water; one jar contained white vinegar.  There was a plastic spoon in front of each jar.  One spoon just contained baking soda, placed in front of the jar with vinegar. The other three spoons had two or three drops of food coloring, then I topped off each spoon with baking soda.

On the chalkboard were four pieces of paper, one white and three that were different colors to match the food coloring.  I used blue, green, and red.  On the back of the paper was the name of the song we were going to practice that day.

A child came to the front, chose a spoon and put it in the jar behind that spoon.  The water either turned a color or fizzled and bubbled over (the vinegar jar).  Whatever color the water turned was the color of paper we’d flip over to reveal the song.  The white paper said, “Your choice.”  The children loved it.  Once Junior Primary was over, I had to quickly set it up again to repeat the activity for Senior Primary.

This idea came from my cousin in Connecticut.  It is good at getting their attention, and is especially good to use when reviewing songs.

IMG_20140914_104804_480 croppedYou’ll need:

  • 4 glass jars
  • water
  • vinegar
  • 4 plastic spoons
  • 3 different food coloring bottles
  • baking soda
  • tray or cookie sheet with sides (when the vinegar fizzes over)

You could also use this activity with a scripture on each paper instead of a song. You could do this for Sharing Time, Primary class or Family Home Evening lesson.

Good luck!


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