Pornography Prevention materials: Now in Spanish!

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the materials in kid-friendly language on the Pornography Prevention tab above (or click here). Thanks to Jackie and Derick, the 12-page guide is now available in Spanish! Aprender acerca de la modestia y evitar la pornografía.

Also new are two books added to the resource list:

  • God Gave You a Body by Jocelyn B. Christensen, free picture book download in English and German from
  • Good Pictures, Bad Pictures by LDS author Kristen A. Jenson, for older children, available wherever LDS books are sold

We hope you find these materials useful in supporting parents to have these important conversations in the home. We join with you in efforts to help children protect their minds, bodies and spirits.

“Children are not a distraction from more important work.  They are the most important work,” said John  Trainer, M.D. (Thanks to Lori for passing along this quote.)



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