Resilience as Pornography Prevention: Eight Child-Building Articles in one FRIEND Magazine!

Sept 2014 FriendYou may already have explored the pornography prevention materials on this site for parents to use in the home (see the Pornography Prevention tab above, or click here). One way that parents can help protect their children is to teach them healthy coping strategies for life’s stresses and disappointments. As BYU professor Mark Butler points out in a Sept 2014 ENSIGN article, “Children who have not learned how to deal with guilt, shame, sorrow, or pain will often turn to addictive behaviors to numb their negative emotions. Even less serious emotions such as stress, boredom, or loneliness can lead to addictive behaviors if the child doesn’t understand how to cope. Emotional pain is not bad. You can help your children learn to relate to pain not as a horrible emotion to be avoided but as a teacher that can lead to incredible growth.”

Then the Church takes that counsel to help children learn to cope and backs it up with real resources to help accomplish it. In a single FRIEND magazine (Sept 2014), in addition to other wonderful articles about God’s love, going to the temple, doing service, etc., I spotted these:

I just love these marvelous articles that speak directly to children, addressing real life situations in kid-friendly language. In every case, the answer is, as always, “come unto Christ.” (Moroni 10:32) “Instead of relying on entertainment to escape your problems, . . . the healthiest way to solve problems is to rely on Heavenly Father, the Savior, and your relationships with others.” (Jennifer Grace Fallon, “Healing Hidden Wounds,” Sept 2014 ENSIGN, 56).


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