2014 Primary Program Invitation (English and Spanish) and Reception Idea

english picScreen Shot 2014-08-23 at 2.18.56 PM

Back by popular demand, the 2014 Primary Program Invite is here. Special shout out to Tami Ray and her blog for providing the beautiful images on the front!

English: Front and Back (customize & print back to back, 4 invites to a page)

Spanish: Front and Back (customize & print back to back, 4 invites to a page)

I would recommend printing out the invite for the Primary children and missionaries to distribute. Check out our previous post here about kids inviting friends and family to the Primary Program and the wonderful missionary tool it can be.

Last year, my ward set up a small reception after the program for those people who came to see the program and to celebrate the Primary children’s hard work. It consisted of cookies and drinks in the Relief Society room after the program. This gave the viewers a chance to casually stick around and congratulate the child that they came to see, and not feel like they were obligated to go to class after. They could stay longer and talk with others in a relaxed setting. The missionaries also joined the reception so they could talk with the investigators they brought, as well as meet other visitors who attended the program. Then everyone attended 3rd hour classes as usual, and some hardy investigators stuck around.

Another variation on this idea is to have everyone in the ward join in on a reception in the cultural hall after the program during 2nd hour.

-Laura S.


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