Lone Cub Scouts: “Activity Days” for Boys

photo 1Guest author Jen returns to write with love and concern in her heart for some of the older Primary boys who needed something more. Inspired by the Spirit, she sought to meet each child’s needs. See Jen’s other posts here , here and here.

Jen writes:

Several months ago I expressed concern about the boys in our Senior Primary.  For many reasons they aren’t able to attend Cub Scouts, but I felt that they could benefit from something like Activity Days for Boys.

I asked for advice from the bishopric and Stake Primary President. With their support, I felt inspired to ask a father of one of the boys for help. He meets with three boys every other Sunday for about twenty minutes after church to talk about what they’ve been working on in their Faith in God booklets, set goals, etc.  It has been really wonderful.

The Activity Day boys & girls went on a combined end-of-the-year hiking activity. The pictures from the hike fill me with such joy and happiness.  Listening to the Spirit tell me that the boys in our ward needed something a little different has changed part of our Primary for the better. It has also reminded me of the great love our Father has for each of His children.


photo 2

photo 3


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