Ready or Not, Here They Come!


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Imagine my surprise when I saw this line in the sacrament meeting program. I highlighted it in purple below:


Sacrament Meeting

Opening Hymn                       Choose the Right #239

Invocation                               By Invitation

Closing Hymn                         Be Thou Humble #130

Primary teachers may be excused to prepare their classes during the hymn.

Benediction                               By Invitation

I realize there are two ways to start Primary: 1) either beating the kids to class so you can set the tone, or 2) having the children beat you to class so that THEY set the tone (gulp). It made me think of the following two guided meditations that we used in a Primary training meeting, showing the results of each. Hold onto your funny bone, and read the two meditations here.


Thanks to Heather for this line lifted from her sacrament meeting program. 

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