Never Say Amen

Children’s fears often present most intensely when they are in their beds not wanting their parents to leave the room.  I was such a child and wanted to overcome my fears. My mom had taught me to pray, to find comfort in speaking with my Father in Heaven each evening.  This comfort would ease my fears and help me to go to sleep.  I would start my prayer as I was taught with  “My Dear Heavenly Father,” then thank him for all I had been blessed with, next, ask for those things I needed or desired.  I would then often discuss my day and I would find comfort in knowing He was there to listen.

I did not want Him to leave me. I wanted Him to stay with me all night so I could be protected. I would purposely not close my prayer, “I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen” until I would wake up in the morning.  This way I knew nothing could happen to me during the night. God would have to be waiting in case I had anything else to say, and therefore stay with me the entire evening.  I knew He would protect me, so I would be safe in the morning to say the close of my prayer.

I did this for years until I was a teenager.  At that age I came to understand more about the power of prayer, so I would finish my prayers the same time I would start them.  Now as an adult with a busy life and many things to pray for I sometimes fall asleep as I pray, so in the morning I  have to say, “Sorry for falling asleep, but I know You understand, In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Many times in Primary we teach lessons regarding the power of prayer.  It is important that children understand how to pray but even more significant is its purpose.  It is a way for them to stay in communication with their Master from their heavenly home they left just a few short years ago. They need to feel close to Him and form the bond again they had there.



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